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Tangled Up in You

contemporary romance

When an overworked assistant quits her job and takes an unexpected trip to Scotland, she doesn't expect her boss to show up. As a storm traps them on the island together, tensions change from resentment to something far more dangerous.

Perfect for readers who love:

Travel stories

Workplace romances

Millionaire romances

Steam level: Hot

Status: releases in March

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About Tangled Up in You:

What happens if you get trapped on an island with the one person you’re desperate to get away from?

Stuck in a career rut for far longer than she wants to admit, Charlie Middleton is determined to take back her life. The plan was easy: quit working for her overly-demanding, highly-ambitious, annoyingly-handsome boss; attend a six-month-long technical boot camp; and finally, launch her career the way she had intended to years ago.

But before she could set it all into motion, Charlie learns her aunt—someone she considered a second mother—died unexpectedly and left Charlie the keys to her deeply loved Scottish cottage, a place she and her late husband had planned to remodel into their retirement home.

Heartbroken and lost, Charlie jet sets across the Atlantic to a remote village located on an island west of Glasgow. She hopes the charming town will give her the perspective she needs to find the inspiration and courage to take the next step in her life.

Lachlan Hart, tech genius and founder of a multi-million dollar AI company, discovers his reliable assistant is suddenly gone. In learning about her abrupt resignation and realizing just how much she did for him, he follows her to Scotland to bring her back.

But when he arrives in the island village—much to Charlie’s dismay and surprise—they get stuck in an unexpected storm, preventing them from getting back to the mainland. Now stranded together in a house that needs a lot more than just TLC, they must work together to make the home livable while they try to survive the onslaught of wind, rain, and rising storm surge.

Stuck in the confines of the crumbling home, the two of them discover more about each other while also finding a piece of themselves they lost. Can they overcome their judgments, resentments, and forgotten dreams to embrace the love that could grow between them?

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