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Secrets of Serendipity

paranormal romance

When a woman discovers she has secret powers, she must work with her new mentors and handsome protector to save the world.

Embossed Paper

perfect if you love...

  • Coming of age tropes

  • Magic and fictional worlds

  • Empowered women

  • Good vs. evil

  • Books written in first-person POV

  • PG-13 romance

Available in ebook format. Get it here.


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About Secrets of Serendipity:

What happens if the fate of two worlds relies on one person’s ability to accept their destiny?

This was the decision Sophie Callaghan faced when a sudden move from New York City to a small town in South Carolina presented challenges that went well beyond culture acclimation. When Sophie finds her fiancé cheating with his boss, she didn’t think things could get much worse. That is, until an ominous creature from another world makes an attempt on her life.

Now a ruggedly-handsome stranger is claiming Sophie’s whole existence was comprised of lies in order to protect her true identity as a paranormal being with a unique set of powerful skills.

With Sophie’s identity being compromised, the stranger declares he’s her designated protector and he was tasked with the duty of training her in her abilities. As if things couldn’t get any more far-fetched, Sophie learns that the entities trying to assassinate her are members of an evil legion set out to destroy a parallel world and earth…And she’s the only one who can save them.

As a foreboding war threatens the two worlds, Sophie must make a choice: accept a destiny that goes against everything she thought was true or stand firmly behind her own beliefs and watch the worlds burn.

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