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The Main Themes of My Stories

As I’ve built my writing skills and have written more stories over the years, I realized the importance of establishing my writer brand. It’s not just about how you present yourself online but what your stories are recognized for. Many writers have several pen names for different genres, but there are even subsets within specific genres. So, when I looked at my writing style and what I stand for, I saw a common theme throughout my books.

I like to write about independent women who own their destinies. 

At a young age, my parents taught me to never depend on anyone. To be my own person. Sometimes I wonder if I took that a little too literally, as I tend to do. Even my husband argues I never ask for or accept help when I need it. For me, I would rather go through the struggle so I can learn. It’s ridiculous, really. Why would I purposely go through the hardships when there’s an easier way?

I guess the simple answer is to prove that I can do it. I never want to feel helpless.

(Or maybe it’s because I’m a stubborn control freak, but we’ll just pretend that’s not the case.)

I’ve experienced a ton of tough life lessons, especially when I moved to South Carolina in 2010 with only what I could fit in my car. Never one without a plan, I saved enough to survive three months without a job and hoped it worked out. After trials and tribulations, it did. Somehow. I worked the hardest I ever had. Failed a whole ton. Had a few rough bouts throughout the years, and I’m better because of it.

As I reflect on the different heroines I’ve written over the years, I realized I put this mentality into each of them. Even if they come off as weak, hopeless, depressed, or desperate early in the book, they eventually dust themselves off, hold their heads high, and get shit done.

With or without the help of their love interest. *wink*

It’s a quality I admire in myself and others around me. I love people who can turn things around for themselves while staying humble, just, and kind. I appreciate people who don’t sit back and let things happen to them. They take action. They push through the hardest, saddest, most trying times. Even when they feel like they have nothing left to give. Even when they feel like they can never get back up after being knocked down one too many times. They dig deep within themselves to try.

More importantly, they learn from it.

Seeing this kind of personal growth inspires me, and I love reading about characters who come into their own like this. A “coming-of-age” story line doesn’t just have to be for younger characters growing up. To me, it’s a mindset. It’s about metamorphosis. No matter what age someone is, we’re all going through phases in life. We’re all given the choice of whether to stay the same or push through the uncomfortable parts to learn and grow.

This is why I like writing women who take things into their own hands. Although my stories are meant to entertain and help people escape, I hope my writing helps readers find the confidence, inspiration, and motivation to take the next step in their own stories. 


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