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Status Update for Sofia Sawyer's Romance "Always, Ella" (Plus A Teaser!)

We’re getting closer to the release date of my contemporary romance, Always, Ella! This frenemies-to-lovers romance based in Charleston is sure to be a fun, flirty beach read!

Some quick updates:


I’ve worked through the notes from my developmental editor and will ship the manuscript back to her for a copy edit in the next few days. After that, it goes to the proofreader! 

These next editing steps are usually a lot faster than the developmental edit (which can be super intense), so I’m hoping to have these two rounds of edits completed by early July. Once that’s done, I’ll format it for both eBook and print versions!

Cover Art

I already have the cover design completed and love how it came out. It’s colorful and fun. I also love that the designer added little elements of Charleston in the background.

I’ll be doing a cover reveal in the upcoming weeks. If you haven’t already subscribed to my newsletter, be sure to do it now! My subscribers will get the first look. Plus, I’ll be pulling people from my list for advanced reader copies later on.


Since my release date will be a little later than I had hoped (I was shooting for early/mid summer but looks like it will be around August), I want to share a little (unedited) teaser to get you excited! Here it is:

“Mae!” a feminine voice shouted from the front of the house, followed by erratic pounding on the door. “Mae! Open up!”

Jackson’s long legs effortlessly beat Mae to the front. He swung the door open and felt like he was gut-punched.

Elena Lucia.

It had been a couple of years since he’s seen his little sister’s BFF, and despite the look of sheer panic—and a bit of annoyance—she had somehow gotten even more gorgeous than he remembered.

He had always thought she was attractive with her thick chestnut hair, olive skin, sparkling brown eyes, and curves that could bring a man to his knees. That ass and those thighs.

Jackson fought a groan.

His eyes roved over her face, landing on her heart-shaped, kissable mouth. Lips that were most definitely off-limits.

Although they’d been friends when they were younger, Elena and Jackson had butted heads a lot since they were teens. He loved her colorful personality—only shown when she was in the safe company of Mae. She had been self-conscious as a young girl, always worried about other people’s opinion of her, but it wasn’t until she hit high school that those worries became all-consuming. 

He hated the front she’d put on for other people, always desperate for approval. She had morphed into someone entirely different, disingenuous. That version of Elena was depressing to see and frustrated the hell out of him. So what if he called her out on it from time to time? He was doing her a favor.

But she never saw it that way.

“Jackson,” she scowled. “What are you doing home?”

He leaned against the door frame casually and smiled. “Miss me?” He never could resist the urge to push her buttons.

She rolled her eyes. “Hardly.” 


Hope this gets you eager to learn more about how their relationship will pan out! Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter to get updates about the official release date!


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