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Setting Inspiration for Always, Ella: A Look at Charleston, S.C.

The publishing process for my contemporary romance Always, Ella is underway, aiming for a release date in summer 2020! Because the story takes place in Charleston, S.C., I thought it would be fun to share a map that inspired different scenes found within the book.

Charleston is such a hot travel spot⁠—for good reason⁠—and this map is a great way to showcase places I absolutely love. I added a bonus map layer that also highlights my personal favorites that aren’t featured in the story. 

Spoiler alert: it’s full of food and booze. What can I say? Charleston is known for its culinary scene and I couldn’t help but add a bunch to my favorites list living here these last ten years

About the Map

Click here to download the map. The layers include one that highlights setting inspiration for Always, Ella. The other layer shows you all of my favorite spots.

About Always, Ella

How far would you go to save your reputation?

When her relationship advice blog accidentally goes viral, aspiring writer Elena Lucia lands a book deal that launches her career. But to make a bigger splash at the book launch, the publisher wants to finally reveal the identity of the perfect boyfriend Elena often references in her posts. Problem is: that guy doesn’t exist. Torn between coming clean or continuing to help her loyal readers, she reluctantly accepts the help from her childhood frenemy to stop her career from going up in flames.

After traveling for years to grow his business, Jackson St. Julien is back home for an extended break. When he discovers his sister’s best friend—a girl he’s known most of his life—is in a jam, he offers to step in as her doting boyfriend. It had been years since Jackson’s seen her, and he fully expects Elena’s chilly response with how they last left things. But as he seamlessly plays the part, their “frenemy” status suddenly drifts into uncharted territories.

As lines blur between what’s acting and what’s real, will they see each other in a new light?

If you’ve ever been dreaming of visiting Charleston, I hope Always, Ella transports you here until the day comes when you can visit. And when you finally do visit (because, c’mon, you’ll totally want to), you can use this map to plan your itinerary! 


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