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Meet the Character: Charlie Middleton

Earlier this year, I wrote “The End” on my fifth manuscript One Stormy Night. I really got into a groove, building out detailed plots and character sheets, which helped me wrap up the first draft in two months.

Say what? I know. That’s the fastest I’ve ever completed a first draft.

I guess I could thank my overplanning tendencies and the fun writing sprints I did in a cozy cabin in the mountains. Well, after a few edits, I shipped it off to my agent to see if it’s the right fit for a few select publishers I have my eye on. Fingers crossed.

As always, I love to give my readers a peek behind-the-scenes, so I wanted to share a character profile for my heroine. She's finally locked down her career goals, but of course, life likes to get in the way. We writers can never make it too easy for our characters. *smiles*

About One Stormy Night

I’ll give you the fast and dirty: After being stuck in a career-rut for far too long, Charlie Middleton is determined to take back her life. All she has to do is finally give her resignation to her over-demanding, highly-ambitious boss. But when she finally has an out, a death in the family means an unplanned trip to a tiny cottage on a remote Scottish island. However, what's truly unexpected is her boss tracking her down to convince her to come back. As an impending storm forces them together with no way to reach the mainland, they discover there's a lot more to each other than what they initially thought.

Of course, if you want to learn more about the story, check out the full blurb here.

Meet Charlie Middleton

Charlie has been working for her boss, Lachlan, for nearly three years. After graduating college in a less-than-desirable economy eight years ago, she took the first decent job she could get (which happened to be at Lachlan's company) in hopes it would lead her to a stable career path. Of course, life gets busy, and before she knows it, she's in her late twenties and still no closer to figuring it out. But, when she's thrown on an unexpected project on the user experience team, it finally clicks, and she's determined to make it happen.

Charlie has a strong work ethic, despite working in a job that sucks her soul dry for a man who is as aloof and unappreciative as they come. And with that strong work ethic comes her go-getter attitude. She mapped out her next steps, including the very exciting notion of quitting Lachlan once and for all. She's a planner, all about her to-do lists and checkpoints. But when her beloved family member passes away, it destroys all her best-laid plans.

Despite the new developments in her life, she’s still focused on her end goal. She takes things in stride, even when it feels like life is putting every heartbreaking, tough challenge in her way.

Why I Love Her

Charlie’s kinda stubborn, and I love that. After letting life get away from her, she finally puts her foot down and she’s not going to budge. Come hell or high water--which feels that way with the crazy storm that traps her and Lachlan in a remote cottage--Charlie’s going to bring her dreams to fruition...if she can get off the doomed island with her heart still intact.

Charlie is at a point in her life where she’s coming into her own. Feeling like a late bloomer in comparison to everyone else, she wants to make up for lost time and give herself the best chance possible as she starts the new phase.

I really enjoy writing strong female characters who are also empathetic. Even though she's headstrong, there's still a softer side to her. She's got a big heart and is sentimental. Growing up around strong, kind, and loving women, family means everything to Charlie, and she wants to make her mama proud. I also love the fact that her new attraction to Lachlan doesn't cause her to waver on what she wants, no matter how much he tries to convince her to come back. After putting everyone else ahead of her own needs, she's making herself a priority for once.

I’ll be sure to share more character profiles in the months to come!


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