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Book Review: Blurred Lines by Lauren Layne

As an avid reader, it seemed natural to write book reviews to share with other book lovers, if only to help them discover new authors. I’m kicking off my first review by covering a lovely novel by Lauren Layne. I first came across her about a year ago when I read her book An Ex for Christmas. It got me hooked.

A couple of weeks ago, I read Blurred Lines (another story in her Love Unexpectedly series), and it did not disappoint. If you enjoy a good friends-to-lovers trope, consider giving this a read.

About Blurred Lines

A guy and a girl really CAN be “just friends.” At least, that was true for Parker Blanton and Ben Olsen for the last six years. Through good times and bad, shared apartments and carpools, and the ups and downs of relationships (or lack thereof in Ben’s case), Parker and Ben never crossed that line.

Until one day they do.

After Parker’s long-time boyfriend dumps her unexpectedly, she considers Ben’s no-strings-attached dating style. But after a few failed attempts at the whole “casual sex” thing, Parker realizes the reason why she can’t get into these guys is because she doesn’t actually like them. She wants a guy she can talk to.

Someone she respects enough to be around even if it’s just for one night.

That’s where Ben comes in.

After Parker pitches the idea of upgrading their platonic friendship to friends-with-benefits, they realize their already solid chemistry translates into mind-blowing sex. As for the no-strings-attached thing? Let’s just say things get a little complicated when they finally cross that line. Now they’ll have to figure out what to do with these new feelings without destroying their friendship.

What I Enjoyed

The Writing Style

I always love Lauren’s writing. Her voice and style are casual and relatable. When I read her novels, I can almost picture these types of conversations with my own friends. It makes the stories enjoyable, fun, and easy to digest.

Additionally, she paces well and does a great job blending intense emotional moments with some sarcastic, comedic relief. I found myself grinning a ton while reading Blurred Lines.

The Relationship

Lauren knows how to develop deep, believable character relationships. They not only have a detailed back story, but they also have their own inside jokes and quirks. Because of this, you’re able to really get a sense of their strong friendship.

I was curious to see how she’d make the story sexy once they got together. When you know someone that well (including all their weird/gross/annoying habits), you’d think the chemistry would be meh. Nope. Not with this one. Lauren made the new chapter of their relationship sexy, gut-wrenching, funny, emotional, and exciting.

The Ups and Downs

The characters are likable. Even if they have moments of immaturity, you can’t help but want to root for them. There were a few times after they got together where other characters came into the mix, and I worried Ben and Parker would lose one another completely. Relationship or not, I didn’t like knowing their friendship could possibly be over.

And don’t even get me started on how many times I wanted to scream out, “JUST TELL HIM/HER HOW YOU FEEL ALREADY!” As both of them internalize their feelings, you can feel their tortured longing.

But do they ever come to terms with their feelings and admit it to one another? Guess you’ll have to pick up a copy of Blurred Lines and find out 🙂


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