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A Night of Syn

contemporary romance

A contemporary romance about a chance encounter between a billionaire and an aspiring interior designer. When they unexpectedly work together, will the professional lines blur?

Embossed Paper

perfect if you love...

  • Reimagined fairy tales

  • Billionaire romances

  • Secret/mistaken identity romance

  • Books written in third-person with dual POVs

  • Steamy romance

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About A Night of Syn:

A modern retelling of the classic Cinderella.

Christian “Kit” King⁠—son of billionaire property mogul⁠—is torn. With his money and influence, Kit could make a real difference in the world, but his father feels otherwise. Bound by duty, he’s pulled away from his ambitions to manage the overhaul of a newly acquired property where he meets a captivating mystery woman who somehow, in a matter of an evening, makes him believe he can be his own man.

All aspiring interior designer Syn has ever wanted was for her step-mother/boss to treat her with the same love and faith as she does her own daughters. When her step-mom is stranded across the country, Syn finally gets the chance to step in and prove her worth. The plan was simple: she would attend the Kings’ lavish masquerade ball, get a sense of the space, bring back intel to create a solid design, and bid for the job. It was supposed to be easy. She would slip in and out. But when Kit King stops her in her tracks and shows her an evening straight out of a fairytale, she wonders if she’s in over her head.

When Kit accepts Syn’s project bid, unaware of her true identity, she decides to keep the truth hidden so she can prove her worth. But as the professional lines between Syn and Kit blur, she questions what’s worse to lose: her dream career or the trust of her dream man.

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